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On the Rock

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July 24

I drove my van onto a ferry to Whidbey Island.  The night before, I had reached out to some friends of a friend from Brooklyn who now live on the island.  I had met this couple once in Brooklyn, but that’s it. 

I received a response as I sat in my minivan on the ferry ride.  It was an offer to stay at their place on Whidbey Island.  I did a little scouting of the camping at Fort Casey State Park, and thought, why not take them up on the offer to sleep in a bed?  And then I did a little exploring of one of the most beautiful places I have been.


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July 23

This is it!  Last day of my summer tour!

It was one of my best days.  I met some wonderful people and it was an excellent experience.  I heard affirmations from so many and the main consensus was:

“I have never seen anything like this.”…it was a positive reaction.

It’s flattering and seems on topic.  Sometimes I feel different, but I get along with a lot of different people for that reason.   

That show was a great ending to a series of learning curves, such as learning there is a Labrador Bassett Hound mix.  I have never seen such a dog with the distinct characteristics of the breed split in half. 


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July 22

I showed up to Hangar 30 of Magnusen Park in Seattle pretty early.  I have found going about this alone, I am generally one of the first vendors there and last to leave.  My set-up and break down just take me longer than seasoned show vendors.

I enjoyed the community of friends I had made throughout each show.  Other people had signed-up to do all of these shows and we began to recognize each other each weekend and have a certain camaraderie.  

And then I overheard someone describe this life as being a 'Carnie' and I was stopped dead in my tracks. Dreams do come true!


That evening I returned to my cousins house and he gave me a tour of the new home they would be moving to the following day.  I understand big moves and choices, and I’m happy for them. 

No 'Welcome to Washington'

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This morning I took the opportunity to swing by my friends business he has with his business partner.  They are J & S Signs of Portland.  I have been really interested in sign painting and I wanted to say Hi, and also see what their studio is like.  It was a nice visit and they were generous with their time and information.  It was cool to see them in action for a little bit, and they even let me mess around on a sample board.


I pressed on and drove back to the northeast tip of the Oregon coast.  I wanted to check out Cannon Beach and Astoria.  Cannon Beach was cute, but it was a gorgeous Friday afternoon and it was busy with visitors.  I had seen this environment before, it’s a upscale beach town at the beginning of a weekend.  It was the Hamptons of the west.  I moved on to Astoria, and after having the best crab melt sandwich, I headed north towards Seattle.  There was no “Welcome to Washington” sign upon my entrance, only a small “entering Washington State” that was barely noticeable.  But I made it to Washington State.  In Seattle, I was to have one more Renegade show and to spend sometime with my cousin.  This evening he built a fire in his backyard and we talked until late night.  I had a good visit with him.