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Despicable Me

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July 11

I love visiting this little family, and this morning we realized I hadn't been to their house in California for almost two years.  I had seen them in Tallahassee and on their trip to New York City, but as I was pretty steady with visiting, it just hadn't happened in a while.

As I get older and see the kids grow, I can't help but to think of how different my brother and my life has looked.  I've been free to come and go and stayed unattached to the responsibility of a family, and it's almost all he has known his whole adult life.  

I think this crosses my brother and sister-in-laws minds when I'm around, too.  Do any of us know more than the other when our lives are just so different?  Do any of us feel like we made a bold choice at some point in our lives?  I think when we talk about our experiences it's more of a consensus that we are all just trying to do the best we can on that particular day.  

And on this day, I went to see the kids swim practice and my sister-in-law as the swim coach, I took the kids to In-N-Out Burger, and to pick out one candy at a gas station.  Then I took them to see Despicable Me at the movies.  And when the movie began, I promptly fell asleep for the duration.  Despicable.