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Hey Canada

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I took care of some business in the morning, making two post office runs and a trip to Whidbey Pies to have a piece of Strawberry Rhubard a la mode. 

Then I headed north to the top of the island and onto to the Canadian boarder.



I realized as I waited my turn, how unprepared I was for what I might need to get through the boarder passing.  I had my passport and drivers license and nothing illegal, so I figured to try it out and if I don’t get in, I’ll just take a sharp turn east.

I handed the man my documents and we began our dance:

“Where do you live?”


“You drove here from Florida?”


“By yourself?”


“How long will you be staying”

“Four days”

“Where are your reservations for tonight?”

“…the Wal-Mart parking lot?”

Well, I was honest.

And I got in.

As I began driving in Canada, it finally hit me just how far away I am from everything.  Farther from friends and family, and none to see in the near future.  I've been far away and alone many times, but for some reason it felt more heavy.  Knowing how I've driven all this way.  And I have so much more to go.  I felt like a cat who climbed up a tree and has to figure a way down. Maybe firemen will come save me, or even better, a Candian lumberjack.  Making it to Vancouver felt like a celebration to me.  'Started from the bottom now we here!'


I headed to Stanley Park, it's a 1000 acre park in Vancouver and I think I only saw a couple acres.  Geez.  The most beautiful city park I have ever seen.  Hands.  Down.


After dinner, I headed to the nearest Wal-Mart.  Tonight would be my first night van-camping in a parking lot.  The sun was setting, so I went inside to buy a few things and use the restroom.  


That Wal-Mart doesn't allow overnight parking, but the RVs began pulling in around the perimeter of the parking lot on the street, so I found a spot and began using my homemade window covers that I made back in Sacramento. Foam and duct tape.  Just like home.