Laura Fortune

July 2nd and Day Two

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I woke up at my Uncle and Aunt's house.  They are some of the most incredible people I know.  Crazy smart and super fun.  Basically the best combination.  They love to sail on their sailboat, bird watch, create beautifully crafted woodwork, cook amazing pizzas, and spend time with their friends and family.  Plus they have a parakeet that has an extensive vocabulary and says things like, "Wanna Kiss?  Wanna drink? Wanna coffee? Wanna take a picture? I'm so cute."

I asked my Uncle if he would help me build my display for the shows and to travel with.  He obliged and we got to work.  

It was a special experience to work with him in his woodshop.  He has built boats and architecturally complicated woodwork for multi-million dollar homes.  He is a wealth of knowledge and similarly shared stories with me of following my grandfather around (his dad) and learning woodworking and building from him.  I loved this time to spend with him and his generosity to help me out on my journey.  There's just something about being with family.