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August 4

I drove over to Bryce Canyon National Park for a day of hiking.  I hiked up and down the canyon and experienced four different trails.  The colors are just incredible, and the weather was gorgeous.  Huge thunderclouds rolled in, but it never did more than sprinkle.



This trip was rolling so well for the past week that it was today when I was hiking all day that it really occurred to me that I left Tallahassee on July 1st, and absolutely did not pack for this type of trip.  I didn’t pack my hiking boots, a hiking backpack, hiking clothes, or a even a pillow.  I suppose if I knew I would have been on this type of trip I would have packed more than I needed.  I have been fine, but I really wish I had my boots.

I took a shower at the camp store, and returned to the canyon as the rain began.  I sat in my van for a bit waiting for it to pass, and I looked up to see three young girls running for the canyon view.  There was a huge rainbow over Bryce Canyon.  I sat and watched the sunset and thought, how I just couldn’t believe what I had done.  I couldn’t believe where I was.